Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Grubs and Eagles

Entry for 02 August 2006 from mt yahoo 360 page.

Your life's purpose We all wonder what our life's purpose is, what we are here to be or what we are meant to do. It's very simple - you are here to be you. There are countless billions of people on the planet with many similarities and many differences, but there is only one you.

The lives of your parents and ancestors have been passed to you like a baton in a relay race. You have some handicaps and some advantages. Good things and bad things will come your way. Some people will lift you up and some will push you down. This race is entirely your experience. Not one other person in the history of the world has your entire, unique make-up.You are not here to be the assistant in someone else's life. You are here to be you.

You have your own unique DNA, personality, experiences and emotional and physical history. There are countless influences that make you who, what and how you are. Absolutely no one knows more about you than you do.So, be yourself and no one can tell you that you are doing it wrong.

If you spend any time thinking that you are less valuable or worthy than anyone else, then it's your thinking that is wrong. In life, we have many baited lines thrown to us. With a little attention we can be prepared for them and take the time to decide which ones will hurt us and which ones will feed us.

You have the power to decide which ones you will grab and which ones you will run with. A Soaring Eagle pays no mind to the opinions of the lowly ground creatures. Metamorphosis A butterfly starts out as a grub. It is really limited. Of all the creatures, I guess its the one that has the least going for it. Its plain, untalented and at the bottom of the food chain. Its the most likely creature to be eaten up by just about everything, it has very few defences.

A grub goes through a stage of being totally bound and locked up in darkness. It cant move, it is in total bondage and stillness. Its in this darkness that the metamorphosis begins. Imagine the immense struggle, danger and fear involved in having to push itself out of that cocoon. Imagine if he decided at this stage it was all too hard and just gave up. When he finally emerges he does so with great beauty and so much potential that he can fly!

Heres to grubs and eagles for 2008.

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