Thursday, 19 June 2008

While you were sleeping

The “path of prudence” of Gordon Brown (aka Gordon the Grim)
• Pension “theft” - £5 billion annually, and total todate with compound interest now exceeds £100 billion;
• But MP’s, civil service and public sector pensions are guaranteed (by the rest of us, at a current estimated cost to the taxpayer of over £1,000 billion) – the rest (i.e. ours), are not;
• Tax credit fraud - £2 billion annually;
• NHS Private Finance, a key Brown initiative - £53 billion committed over 30 years for £8 billion in hospital assets;
• Cost of red tape increases from £10 billion annual to £66 billion annual in only 7 years;
• VAT fraud amounting to £8 billion; • Over 100 tax increases;
• Increase in personal taxation from 33% to 40% of average income, not including stealth taxes; • £3 ½ billion lost on sale of the country’s gold reserves;
• National Debt increased from 30% to over 40%, and rising;
• 60% more taxpayers now falling into 40% higher rate tax band by deliberate fiscal drag policy; • Home-owners paying higher 3% Stamp Duty increases from 73,000 to 280,000 in 5 years; Stamp Duty now £7 ½ billion a year and total over past 10 years - £32 ½ billion;
• Public sector employees now make up nearly a quarter of the working population; • Brown operates at least 530 unaccountable Quangos, and has another 9 or 10 in the pipeline;
• Business crippled by red tape – Brown has introduced 30,000, yes, 30,000 new regulations;
• Budget deficit now of the order of £40 billion annually and rising;
• Darling the Weak continues stealth tax approach - Autumn 2007 budget extracts additional £4½ billion from medium and higher income taxpayers by “small print ” change in National Insurance Contribution thresholds;
• Disastrous merger of Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise into one giant “efficiency asphyxiating” department;
• 270,000 work permits granted to non-EU nationals, yet 900,000 NI numbers wrongly issued; • 450,000 “immigrant” files, both men and women, "lost" by the Home Office;
• 6,600 immigrants with no right to work in UK, used valid Home Office issued NI numbers to gain sensitive jobs in the security industry;
• Olympics 2012 budget fiasco – started at £2.5 billion and now nearly £10 billion and rising;
• And there’s currently already enough been said about Northern Rock dithering, the non-doms tax debacle, and the 10p tax catastrophe to bother to add to it!
• Yet Brown still thinks he knows better than we do how to dispose of our own money!
Where has all that money gone!

Compiled by : Roger Earl, 4 Cumberland Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey, TW9 3HQ – telephone number 0208 948


Brilliant summary - I wanted to share it.

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