Monday, 23 June 2008

Come the recession I want to see less of

Misleading use of the english language

If you work in a call centre, it is a job... not a career!
Ditto to coffee shops or the fact it is considered normal to spend a fiver a day on coffee
Expensive sandwich shops (paying huge rents)
Crap service and poor food in restaurants, only the fittest will survive
An end to all those stupid property porn programmes ( do you remember they used to have the same type of programmes back in the 80's?)
People being people and not acting like they are all millionaires
Reality (not the tv programmes)
An affordable home so I can save for when I am an old bat!

Overpriced shit drinks in crappy pretentious bars
Overpriced shit food in crappy pretentious restaurants
Chavs sat on their fat asses all day smoking and drinking while I am at work
Permatanned, bleached blonde bimbos
Ridiculous overpriced "designer" tat
Krusty/Phil/bald cockney criminal Dom/location location etc
The Nanny State / P CNon jobs in the public sector
Stupid gossip magazines and the sad obsession with so called celebs
property investment seminars
the need for everything to be 'designer'
political correctness

the daily mail reality
end of far to easy exams for kids
inflated salaries for football players
not having an industry of any sort
the food you can by in the supermarket thats already washed chopped and cut.
Pubs closing down for so called redevelopment (flats)
Garages dito
Nail bars
People paying money for ringtones (the ultimate in gross stupidity)
The word 'Executive' applied to every micro flat for sale.
17 year olds with credit cards (make em save up)
£5 Alchopops being drunk by tosspots.

The word 'Consumer'I am NOT a f'n 'consumer' I am a human being and the reason for my existence is not to'consume' the tons of tawdry tat pumped out by bizznezz!!!

The next twat who calls me a consumer is getting a swift boot in the nads.
last but not least Estate Agents!!!

that'll do for now, I need to go and calm down, please add you own.

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