Thursday, 19 May 2011

What is Your Recovery Quotient?

Scroll to the bottom of the Bills page to find the link to this fun quiz (that is if your not distracted by everything else that I'm sure will interest you,

The author says.....The certification exams used to judge the competency of addiction professionals (from addiction counselors to physicians specializing in addiction medicine) rely almost exclusively on questions that test one’s knowledge of the psychopharmacology of drugs, addiction and its related pathologies and the theories and methods of addiction counseling and treatment. Striking by their absence are questions about the stages, styles, pathways and processes of long-term recovery and the history and philosophies of American communities of recovery.

The following questions were developed in an afternoon of musing about the recovery quotient of addiction professionals and what an exam would look like that tested knowledge related to the history, theory, science and practice of non-clinical recovery support. There is nothing magical about these particular questions; I suspect on another afternoon I might come up with a quite different list of questions. But the questions included will sensitize the reader to the central point of this exercise: there is a body of knowledge about recovery that is quite distinct from the bodies of knowledge about addiction and addiction treatment.
The intent of this little quiz is to stimulate interest in the lived solutions to the problems many of us have devoted our lives to addressing. So take a few moments and evaluate your recovery quotient. Most of the topics imbedded in these questions are discussed in the papers posted at,

Please have a look or 2 and enjoy.

Toward Recovery-focused Education of Addiction Professionals
And Recovery Support Specialists
William L. White
(March 2012)

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