Friday, 26 February 2010

Whats next for the UK Recovery Federation

Have you ever seen a swan, gliding towards its destination, barely causing a ripple on the tranquil surface of the glittering river? Well underneath that swan there are a pair of legs going like the clappers.
Thank you to Peapod for lending me this image.
And so it is with the UK Recovery Federation – our little limbs (unwebbed) are toiling away at a terrific rate beneath the surface until we are ready to rise up in a flurry of splashes and take flight. Enough swans already. Below is a brief update to keep you up to date on what is happening.
Consultation paper
The paper was circulated widely all over the UK and beyond. Feedback was very positive (as you can see on Wired In) with some useful questions and ideas for areas to work on. Thanks to all of you who pondered and commented. But if your pondering is yet to translate into keyboard action do feel free to add thoughts at any time.
It was very nice to receive some warm encouragement from the US, and in particular from Bill White, who said:
“What a wonderful statement! All I wanted to do as I was reading it was shout “Amen!” Let me know if I can be of any help as you move forward. With my very best regards, Bill.”
And from Pat Taylor from Face and Voices of Recovery:
“This is so exciting! I’m going to post a link in the next Faces & Voices eNewsletter so that folks around the country and the world can find out more about what’s happening in the UK ! Looking forward to keeping in touch and excited that you’ve decided on September 25 for your Recovery Rally – we hope to have over 90 events and our goal is 100,000 people in the US rallying on that day – we’ll make sure to talk about it as an international event now. All the very best, Pat.”
The next step is to instigate a further process of wide-ranging consultation in order to develop a UKRF Recovery Manifesto. This will build on the current paper, focusing on Community-led Recovery organisations (CERO’s) and, we hope, lead to concrete actions to take the UKRF forward.
The next step in this process is a conference (sorry Tony) which will be held in Tameside on 7th May. Further details will follow but we are very pleased that Professor David Clark will be flying in from Australia and will be speaking. This conference is open to anyone who has an interest and will be free. The only limitation we may have is on numbers due to space restrictions, so please do get your name down early.
To book a space please e-mail us on:
putting Conference in the subject box. Please give names and any particular needs that you, or anyone attending with you may have in the e-mail.
One of our main tasks at the moment is to build up a database, mapping treatment providers and Recovery organisations out there and attempting to reach those in Recovery outside of treatment and groups . This will be useful in numerous ways, for the UK Recovery Walk 2010, the development of UKRF and to help us answer questions like what groups are available where.
If you are part of a group, even a group of one under development!, do please send us your details giving a brief description of what you do. And if you know of people in a similar situation please do encourage them to do the same. The more information we have the more we can get messages out and in and the easier it will be to link things up.
So do please e-mail us on:
putting Organisation in the subject box and include as much information in the e-mail as you can e.g. where you are based, times, what you do, what you aim to do, contact details etc.
Area representatives
As mentioned in the consultation paper, area representatives will link with Recovery advocates from within their area and, with them, build the UK Recovery Federation membership from the grassroots up. We are aware that this is a somewhat loose ‘job’ description at present, and rightly so as representatives will need to have input into how roles develop.
If this is something that you might see yourself doing – yes, you guessed it! – please e-mail us on:
putting Representative in the subject box and giving a bit of background on yourself.
Now that’s a bit to be going on with. I know sending potentially three different e-mails is a faff but it will help us if you can divide things up in this way. So, don’t forget to firmly etch these dates in your diary Friday 7th May for the Tameside conference and Saturday 25th September for the UK Recovery Walk 2010.
Onwards and upwards


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