Friday, 2 October 2009

Icompotence beyond belief

I was embarrassed to read tonight that on the 22 September 2009 in the Scotsman newspaper it was stated that the number of drug addicts being treated in residential clinics is at its lowest since the SNP came to power. This is diabolical and unacceptable but…
(Here is the embarrassing bit)
”… the Scottish Government said there was no evidence that residential programmes work better than community-based treatment.”
Here is why it’s so embarrassing
The Drug Outcome Research in Scotland study, the largest evaluation of drug abuse treatment services ever undertaken in Scotland, by Professor Neil McKeganey (Glasgow Uni), jointly funded by the Robertson Trust and the Scottish Government, found that those drug users receiving residential rehabilitation were four times more likely to become drug-free than those treated in the community.
If I was this numptie’s boss, I would be very worried about letting them speak on behalf of the Scottish Government and would be seriously considering if they were fit for the purpose of their job, especially as this research was funded by the Scottish Government itself.
This level of incompetence and lack of knowledge of I presume civil servants does not breed confidence – not that I had much to start with – but this really is very basic and very very embarrassing!
By the way, does anyone know where the phrase or the origin of ‘your arse from your elbow’ comes from?

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