Friday, 26 September 2008

So what would it take for a revolution

Would invading somewhere like Holland do it ?

Would making us all wear an identity tags or badges do it ?

Would further HPI doubling todays house prices do it ?

Would petrol at a fiver a litre do it ?

Would the abolishment of elections do it ?

What if the whole country marched on Downing St and demanded an immediate election,would that work or would we all be tear gassed ? Or would the police be on our side given their pay dispute ?

What about Cutting off all government disability/unemployment benifits

Send their children to die for profit in a far off land

Make them serve multiple tours of duty in said conflict

Foreclose on millions of houses (Throw them on the street)

Drain their wallets at the petrol pump and in the supermarkets

Eliminate their jobs and cut them off from all government re-education grants and assistance,

Control their media outlets and pump out continuous propaganda to the masses

Manipulate government statistics to hide the real data

Use government tax dollars/pounds to enrich the wealthy

Drain their wallets to pay for a dysfunctional, piecemeal healthcare system that only benefits a few.

Fail to provide any kind of central leadership for the country

Basically you would have to tax them to death, not represent their interests and starve them out.

Thank god we live in a country where none of that bad stuff has happened yet.

or perhape educate and teach them economics properly haha.

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