Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A report was published by the Independent Working Group, an advisory panel of experts from the police and the legal and health sectors back in 2006. I cant rememmber the nam of it sorry but it suggests that Britain should consider a proposal already in action in eight other countries. This involves the creation of drug consumption rooms — “shooting galleries”, as they are nicknamed — to which addicts can come for free needles, for medical support and even for companionship.
There is no evidence that it decreases crime, but it might at least help to prevent the spread of hepatitis and Aids. And it brings one of the most marginalised groups into touch with social services, often for the first time.

The idea has the support of senior police officers, including Andy Hayman, the chair of the Association of Chief Police Officers Drugs Committee. David Cameron, the Conservative leader, had declared back in 2006 that his party would not rule it out.

With any addiction it simple, You are trapped in a cycle of fast diminishing returns untill there are none left at all. You chase that first feeling like you chase the first sweet memories of childhood peace if you ever had any. But you can never, NEVER recapture it.

You can go only onwards and downwards into sad isolation.

Soon you need your first shot just to make you brush your teeth in the morning.

Drugs including booze promise freedom, but they imprison you in compulsion.

You set out open-armed to experience. You end with your whole life narrowed down to one repetitive experience.

The entire world is focused on to a needle point. You feed like a vampire on your own veins. But every time you shoot up, you are shooting up your own sadness and self hatred.

You only crave for release.

No one can give up until they reach this point.

It is no use clapping some offender into prison at vast tax payers expense.

But to supply the addict with drugs is to force the end game. You can’t maunder on for decades with heroin or crack or cocaine. You go down fast. Their are no old junkies.

You either die of an overdose. or you are brought to your knees. And it is only from your knees that you can beg for help.

This is when the State should step in, offering withdrawal programmes and counselling, paid for with the money that it has saved from policing the drugs industry.

And there is also Narcotics Anonymous, a true model of democracy, with a network extending throughout Britain. It asks for no fees, no leadership, no dues. No one forces you to join. You can walk out if you like. But people go because they want to go. They go for support.

That is why, in my opinion if you have compassion for the drug addict, you should give him a bit more crack.

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